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I decided to train in CBT as I began to feel I couldn’t help people I worked with in the way I would like to. I realised it was hard for many people to access Counselling and Therapy and it seemed much easier to access medication for difficulties people experience but this doesn't always seem to help. I decided this was the best way forward. I had started using CBT tools and exercises on myself and this helped me change my own life for the better. I continue to use CBT regularly to help me live a more contented life and to reach my potential.

CBT looks at Thoughts, Images, Memories (or Cognitions) we have and how these can affect how we feel both emotionally and physically especially when we are in stressful situations. These Cognitions when they are `unhelpful` or `distorted` (as though they go through a negative filter) can really bring us down as they are connected to beliefs about ourselves for example `I am not good enough`. The things we then do to cope with these negative beliefs (our behaviours) like avoiding activities which may be good for us; overthinking; ruminating (thinking about the past); overcompensating etc can then make things worse. 


By gently  challenging  these negative or unhelpful beliefs /assumptions  we can start to change these until we find more rational helpful ones. 

When we look at the things you are doing as well, we can see what helps and what doesn’t. By completing things like behaviour experiments and other CBT exercises based on the treatment plan (which would be agreed between us) which is best for your needs, we can work towards your goals of therapy.

CBT is time limited. I normally see people for a minimum of 6 sessions in order to make any lasting change this is probably required but session numbers and regularity will be agreed between us. Most clients have between 6 - 14 sessions, its just down to what suits each person. Sessions can be flexible to suit each client`s needs. More can be added if required. CBT is collaborative meaning we work together and should teach individuals to become their own therapist. I will recommend books and agree `homework` for each client to complete. This will back up the learning and make it as effective as possible.

If you have questions about CBT or my Counselling services, please contact me via my Counselling Directory Profile below. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to all potential clients.


"I think people underrate it (counselling). I never thought it would help me. I would recommend to a friend. You can change your thoughts."

- Client 

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