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Alice McCann



"I always felt relaxed with you. I was terrified beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to speak but I was okay."

- Client

My name is Alice McCann and I am a CBT Therapist. I completed my COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate where I gained Counselling skills. I then went on to train as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Dip CBT and Groupwork). II am a 1st Audit Accredited member of BABCP (2023) which means I can call myself a Psychotherapist but it doesn`t really matter. Gaining accreditation was an important process for me and means I work within BABCP guidelines and am continuously learning and growing. I think this helps me to be the best therapist I can be for my valued clients.  I am fully insured, have a current Disclosure check.

I worked within Social Care for over 20 years before training as a therapist. I gained so much experience from working mostly with young people affected by homelessness and working with children and families within schools. I have worked as a Secondary School Counsellor in Glasgow, and I have also been a `Roots of Empathy Instructor` within North Lanarkshire primary schools which is a Canadian programme designed to help increase empathy in children (which then reduces bullying etc).  I gained many practical skills while working within Social Care as well as a deeper understanding of attachment and its impact on people.

I have had training in addition to my CBT Diploma in ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences); Solihull Approach and Solihull Approach to Understanding Trauma; `Understanding Dads`; Boarding School Syndrome; ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training); Trans Awareness; Working with Refugees; Autism Awareness; ADHD; Parenting; `Anxiety and Young People`; `Loss and Grief`: `Motivational Interviewing` and on `Understanding the impact of social media on Young People`.

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