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Men Talk 2

Men`s Wellbeing Free CBT Group

“"Suicide rates in north Lanarkshire are slightly higher than Scotland’s overall rate. This Therapeutic CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Group based in the heart of Coatbridge aims to improve Male Mental Health and Wellbeing through supporting each other and enabling Men to be open about their challenges and help to validate the way they may feel. The sense of community, shared experience and element of `Psychoeducation` (a crucial factor in CBT) we hope will enable Men to feel better about themselves and improve their mental health and the lives of their loved ones, colleagues, friends….”.."

with Paul Stanton and Alice McCann: started Saturday 8th April 10.30am-12pm 

at: Lanarkshire Counselling & CBT Centre,22 St John Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3EJ


• Currently running some Saturdays at 10.30am-12pm with our colleagues Vick Scott and Tommy Simpson  This is not a `closed group` which means you can come along whenever it suits you. If you are running late its ok but you`ll probably get more out of the group if you come from the start. We run it this way as we know it can feel like a bit overwhelming to have an expectation on you to attend weekly and understand that Men often have caring responsibilities and busy lives, so our group needs to be flexible to suit as many people as possible. ****PLEASE NOTE WE ARE AWAITING FUNDING TO START RUNNING OUR GROUP WEEKLY WITHIN THE COATBRIDGE AREA AROUND OCTOBER 2023 AND WILL UPDATE WITH LOCATIONS AND TIMES ONCE CONFIRMED WITH GLENBOIG DEVELOPMENT TRUST.

"Hearing that other men have had feelings and experiences which I have also had makes me feel less alone, so the group has been positive for me" (Group member)

• No expectation or pressure to share personal information. We totally understand that it can be nerve wracking to join a group and will do all we can to make it easier. Its likely others feel similar initially, but we have found people have felt at ease quickly in our group so far with everyone being really welcoming, respectful and supportive to each other.

• Confidentiality is discussed at the beginning of every session. 

• Come along and benefit from being in a supportive group. Learn how to use CBT to make positive and lasting changes to your life.

"It’s good to be able to relate to others. It helps with the feeling of isolation" (Group member)

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at how Unhelpful Thinking and Behaviours (what we do) affect our lives and helps us find more helpful ways to live.

• We talk about how different activities can release different hormones which make us feel good or not so good; sleep, cold water therapy and how we can help others in our personal or working lives who may be struggling. The topics we cover are quite wide.

"The calm, no pressure atmosphere, listening to people from different walks of life relay their own experiences and troubles" (Group member)

• FREE but donations to LCCC very welcome.

Contact us for more information at:
or text 07759953849(Alice) or 07845677682 (Paul) or 07891362303 (Victoria) or 07775691276 (Tommy) 

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